URL Encoder

How it works

URL Encoding is a technique of encoding a url so that it can be used as part of another URL.

Imagine we have a url such as


If we set {VALUE} to be "Code&Stuff" then it will be displayed as:


However, the title variable will only be set to "Code". This is because it parses the & as the start of a new variable.
To solve this, we can encode non-text characters so that they will be treated as text

URL Encoding will encode all characters except: A-Z a-z 0-9 - _ . ! ~ * ' ( )

A URL encoded character takes the form of '%XX', where XX is the Hexadecimal representation of the char code for the character.

The URL will then become:


This online tool will encode and decode any url you give it. It is completely client-side and runs in the browser.